[align=center]برنامه اي برای طراحی و کار با ماشينهای CNC هست

Cadlink ProfileLab 2D 7.1 rev. 1
App Type: Toll- ISO | Laguage : Eng | Bin,Cue | 825 Mb | RS.com

[برای مشاهده لینک ها شما باید عضو سایت باشید برای عضویت در سایت بر روی اینجا کلیک بکنید]

ProfileLab is software specifically designed for CNC machining. This application contains extensive 2D/3D toolpathing capabilities and functionality without the extensive learning curve.

ProfileLab will output to a wide range of flatbed machinery including routers, engravers, and CNC machines in HPGL, G-code or special formats. Powerful toolpathing capabilities make milling, drilling and cutting out parts easy. Efficient sorting maximizes the efficiency of your CNC device.[/align]