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Registry Optimizer 2007 ver. 3.0 | 6.7MB

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Registry Optimizer highlights:
* System requirements: Windows XP, 98/ME. 2000/2003/NT.
* Cleans and repairs unwanted debris left behind by adware and spyware.
* Powerful and easy to use. It takes one click to run and optimize cleaning.
* Keeps your computer running and performing in “like new” fashion.
* Uses a high performance engine to scan important parts of the registry.
* Identifies and corrects errors that can slow your system down, or cause it to behave erratically.
* Includes Backup and Undo functionality for any change made.
* Advanced users have the ability to choose which part of the registry they’d like to work in.
* To understand more about the registry errors and registry protection, the Registry Guides available on our site can also be referred to.[/align]