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[align=left]The CodeLobster product is intended for quick and easy creating and
processing code! The CodeLobster is a handy and easy-in-use editor which
supports such file formats as TXT, CPP, JAVA, JSP, PHP, PL, ASP, HTML,
CSS, XML, XSL, JS, VBS, SQL. Also this general purpose application allows
user to convert HTML files into JSP, PHP, PL, ASP ones and vice versa - JSP,
PHP, PL, ASP files into HTML ones. Program builders provided the editor with
an extra feature: now creating a *.html, *.java,*.php, *.pl, *.asp,*.xml, *.xsl
file one can see the outcome at once by means of the “Preview” command. Four
built-in ad hoc toolbars comprise over 60 helpful tools, commands and menu which
make usage of CodeLobster yet more comfortable.
Enjoy processing code with CodeLobster[/align]

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