Alright guys, like me you probably have doubts about if this works. Well let me just prove to you that it

works. At the moment im downloading Counter-Strike 1.6, and I have every other steam game listed in my

steam account ready for me to download

Download it here:

[برای مشاهده لینک ها شما باید عضو سایت باشید برای عضویت در سایت بر روی اینجا کلیک بکنید]

Do NOT use your legit steam accounts on PacSteam - ONLY use Blank / Empty accounts!

Exclamation Cracked VAC2 works, and legit servers too SOMETIMES

How to use!
How do I use PacSteam !??

* Download and install the latest PacSteam Setup posted at this forum
( There are fakes out there with all kinds of keyloggers, virus and trojans )

* Install the PacSteam Setup ( Do NOT remove your SteamApps folder if it already exists,
otherwise the games will not work when you move the steamapps folder back. )

* Run the AutoUpdator and update with the latest patches, fixes etc.

* When the PacSteam Update becomes too big and buggy, I will pack another PacSteam Setup for you
to download and install. Just remember the most safe way is to run the Un-Installer of PacSteam first,
and again; do NOT move your steamapps folder or anything. No games will be deleted and your
settings and account information will still be there.

* To prevent people from having trouble logging into servers, the Seti Master Servers are now a part
of PacSteam as standard, but there are still many more servers to play on, so in order to get the full
server list from steam, simply run the UNDO patch.

* Since many also have a legit steam account, but isnt going to use it on cracked steam because that
will only get it disabled at some point, there are now a "cracked" and "legit" steam patch to be able to
switch quickly betwine cracked and legit steam. This way you wont have too install steam 2 times on your