Warcraft II battle.net Edition
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Warcraft 2 battle.net edition

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Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition is the latest installment (circa 1999) in the epic struggle of Human vs. Orc.

You play either side and develop enough resources to support a conquering army. Build farms to feed

workers and troops, then harvest gold and wood to make military units like Footmen, Archers and Ballistas.

In this strategy game, play focuses on resource-management rather than pure combat games such as Myth

or Close Combat. Combat in WarCraft II basically revolves around producing more units than your enemy

and features in-depth single-player action. There are several campaigns from which to choose and you can

customize your own scenarios.

The main feature of WarCraft II: Battle.net Edition, however, is the online system that provides a source of

competition with players from all over the world. The game comes loaded with dozens of maps and

scenarios for use when you log onto the Internet and do battle with other players. This source of challenge

is designed to keep the game constantly fresh and new.

This edition of WarCraft II franchise includes the capability to use naval warfare. Build tankers, drill for oil

and build refineries so you can launch a flotilla of dreaded battleships and transports for amphibious

invasions of your mortal enemy. Airborne units add another level of complexity, whether they be

weaponless scout balloons, the Orc's Dragons or the Human's Griffons.

WarCraft II: Battle.net Edition adds some troop control features such as unit grouping and toggling from

one unit or group to the next. This helps with control of players' units, especially when the action involves

large numbers of units.

This version doesn't need any snake oil to work on Windows 2000 or XP - it works Out-Of-The-Box on

these, even multiplayer works as it should.