Magic Ball 2 ver. 2.2.1660
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Following on the great success of Magic Ball, Magic Ball 2 offers more of the same kind of fun with new,

creatively designed levels and powerups.

Kids and adults alike have gotten hooked on the simple and addicting play of Magic Ball 2.

You control a platorm with your mouse and must keep your ball from getting past you. Deflect the ball with

your platform to get the ball to hit bricks to break them. Some bricks contain powerups like special weapons

for you to collect that will help to clear all the bricks. Once you clear all the bricks, you can move on to the

next level.

Each of the levels in Magic Ball 2 feature multi-layered bricks in 3D shapes. There are Christmas tree

scenes, Moose on top of mountain passes, tropical islands and more. Each level is new and unique.

Animated animals and other characters often decorate the level and add to the fun scenery