Ashampoo Magical Security v2.0

Safe or Sorry? A mouse click makes all the difference!
How often do you have an uneasy feeling when you leave sensitive files on your computer or send them to

your friends by email? You know it’s risky. You know anyone could intercept your mail on its way across the

Internet. You know the files aren’t safe on your computer. But data encryption is complicated so you try to

forget about it.

Encryption at the touch of a mouse
What if the difference between being safe and being sorry was just a mouse click? Ashampoo Magical

Security really does make it that simple. To encrypt or decrypt one or more files you just select them in the

Windows® Explorer and then choose Encrypt or Decrypt. That’s it. And once the files are encrypted, the

state-of-the-art AES encryption ensures that nobody can access the content unless you want them to. As

an added extra the program can also completely wipe files from your hard drive so their contents can

never be found – even by data recovery experts.

Features at a glance Ashampoo Magical Security is the successor to the popular Ashampoo Privacy

Protector. The new program is now even easier to use, with a new look and even more powerful security.

What's new:
* Even simpler operation.
* Integration in Windows® Explorer - all key features are now available anywhere at the click of a mouse,

including CD and DVD burning.
* New industry-standard AES encryption. Security doesn't get much more powerful than this.
* DVD burning support for transporting really large amounts of encrypted data.
* Cool new design.

What's cool:
* Maximum data security combined with extremely simple operation.
* Decrypt and encrypt selected files with a click of the mouse.
* Wipe files permanently from your hard disk so that their contents can never be found.
* Encrypt and burn your encrypted files directly to CD or DVD in a single simple operation.
* Encrypt files to a self-extracting EXE archive for mailing.
* Encrypt and burn EXE archives directly to CD or DVD.
* Integrated file manager when you're working in the program itself

SO: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista

Size: 6.9MB

[برای مشاهده لینک ها شما باید عضو سایت باشید برای عضویت در سایت بر روی اینجا کلیک بکنید]


[برای مشاهده لینک ها شما باید عضو سایت باشید برای عضویت در سایت بر روی اینجا کلیک بکنید]