Paretologic XoftSpy ver.4.22.216 | 2.6 Mb | Windows OS

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When tested, we found that XoftSpy missed quite a lot of spyware and adware. We also discovered

XoftSpy detected an unusually high number of false positives. This means the program claimed an innocent

program was spyware or adware. This is inconvenient, because if you remove these innocent programs as

XoftSpy advices, you can cause serious harm to your computer.
Ease of Use:
We found XoftSpy intuitive and easy to use. A couple of minor complaints we have are that the program

does not include a stop or pause scan button (like most spyware programs have) and that when the

program is open, it fills the entire screen-making it difficult to multitask.
XoftSpy's customization features are similar to those in many of our higher-ranked products; these options

give you power to choose what you'd like to scan, and then schedule those scans whenever you want.
Ease of Setup/Installation:
XoftSpy was easy to download and install. The program takes only minutes to download and installation

was quick also.
ParetoLogic provides basic support for XoftSpy, including email support and a FAQs page. The help section

is web-based, so you must be connected to the Internet in order to use it, which is inconvenient