Understanding Automotive Electronics
434 pages | Newnes; 5th edition | English | 0750670088 | 15 MB


An illustrated how-to guide for smooth-running performance! Helps readers understand how electronic circuits and devices run important parts in automobiles. "Explains how electronics affect engine performance, fuel economy, and emissions. Describes the role of electronics in speed control, ride control, and anti-lock braking. Gives inside information on speech synthesis. Includes many examples and illustrat".

In today's cars, electronic systems are more complex than simple electrical wiring. They now affect almost every operating aspect of the automobile. The sixth edition of Understanding Automotive Electronics covers the most recent technological advances in operation and troubleshooting of electronic systems and components, including low-emission standards, on-board diagnostics and communication, digital instrumentation, and digital engine control.

With extensive revisions, the sixth edition of this popular book is a practical text, suitable for the automotive technician, student, enthusiast, or professional who wants to upgrade his or her background in electronic systems found in the automobile.