DoCoMo - Japan's Wireless Tsunami: How One Mobile Telecom Created a New Market and Became a Global Force
224 pages | Publisher: AMACOM/American Management Association; 1st edition (September 2002) | English | ISBN-10: 0814407536 | ISBN-13: 978-0814407530 | PDF |1 MB


America is just waking up to the vast potential of the wireless Web. In Japan, nearly a third of the population already works, plays, and shops with wireless, continuously connected to a universe of data, services, and communities. The force responsible is a young company with a name that means "anywhere" in Japanese: DoCoMo. Another case study that examines a specific corporation for management lessons it can share with others, DoCoMo--Japan's Wireless Tsunami takes a riveting look at the world’s second-largest mobile phone service that has, after only two years, a customer base as big as AOL’s. Don’t think of this book as an apology for the languishing telecom industry. Instead, it’s an inside look at how creativity and innovation were nurtured at one of the world’s stodgiest companies--Nippon Telephone and Telegraph--and how a small team of committed visionaries never said "Never" and created DoCoMo’s extraordinarily popular I-mode technology.