Keith S. Delaplane / Daniel F. Mayer, «Crop Pollination by Bees»
CABI Publishing | ISBN 0851994482 | 2000-09-14 | PDF | 8.4 Mb | 352 pages


The collapse of the ubiquitous honeybee population during the past 20 years has caused a pollination vacuum for many crops. Surveys and grower experience indicate that a crisis exists in our pollinator populations. This book is an accessible, practical and authoritative research-based guide to using bees for crop pollination. It emphasizes conserving feral bee populations as well as more traditional methods of culturing honeybees and other bees. There are three main sections that address the biology of pollination, culturing and managing bees for optimum crop pollination, and individual crop pollination requirements and recommendations. This last section includes 42 short chapters on different crops.

Table of Contents

Author Biographies
1 Benefits of Bee Pollination
2 Bee Pollination
3 Bees: An Overview
4 Bee Conservation
5 Honey Bees: Biology and Status as Pollinators
6 Honey Bees: Simplified Bee-keeping for Pollination
7 Honey Bees: Managing Honey Bees for Pollination
8 Bumble Bees
9 Alkali Bees
10 Other Soil Nesting Bees
11 Alfalfa Leafcutting Bees
12 Orchard Mason Bees
13 Carpenter Bees
14 Bees and Pesticides
15 Alfalfa (Lucerne) Seed
16 Almond
17 Apple
18 Asparagus Seed
19 Avocado
20 Bean (Lima)
21 Bean (Common, Green, Snap)
22 Beet Seed
23 Blackberry
24 Blueberry
25 Cabbage and Other Crucifer Seeds
26 Canola Seed (Oilseed Rape)
27 Cantaloupe
28 Carrot Seed
29 Cherry (Sweet, Sour)
30 Clover Seed (Alsike)
31 Clover Seed (Crimson)
32 Clover Seed (Red)
33 Clover Seed (White, 'Ladino')
34 Clover Seed (Sweet Clovers)
35 Cotton
36 Cranberry
37 Cucumber
38 Kiwifruit
39 Onion Seed
40 Peach and Nectarine
41 Pear
42 Pepper (Bell, Green, Sweet)
43 Plum and Prune
44 Raspberry
45 Soybean
46 Squash, Pumpkin and Gourd
47 Strawberry
48 Sunflower Seed
49 Tomato
50 Watermelon
51 Priorities in Technology Development, Research and Eduction
App. 1 Bees and Bee-keeping Books and Supplies
App. 2 Sample Bee-keeper/Grower Contract Draft Pollination Agreement
App. 3 Table of Pesticides