Design of Analog Fuzzy Logic Controllers in CMOS Technologies: Implementation, Test and Application by Carlos Dualibe, M.

Verleysen, P. Jespers
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (February 28, 2003) | ISBN-10: 1402073593 | PDF | 11,1 Mb | 196 pages


Fuzzy Logic is a computational paradigm capable of modelling the own uncertainness of human beings. Fuzzy reasoning is

nothing else than a Fuzzy Logic-based formalism for encoding human knowledge or common sense in a numerical framework.

Indeed, the mathematical concepts on which Fuzzy Logic is supported are very easy to understand. In a Fuzzy Controller, human

experience is codified by means of linguistic if-then rules, which compute control actions upon given conditions. Fuzzy Logic has

been applied to problems that are difficult to solve mathematically. One of its main advantages lies in the fact that it offers a

straightforward methodology for modelling and controlling non-linear systems, which are difficult to face by means of

conventional techniques.
Nowadays, real-time applications of Fuzzy Logic in different domains are being increasingly reported. ASIC-based analog

hardware becomes an interesting solution for these kinds of applications because it benefits from: savings on silicon surface and

power consumption, readily accomplishment with strict timing constraints and cost-effective production. This book focuses in-

depth on the VLSI CMOS implementation and application of programmable analog Fuzzy Logic Controllers following a mixed-

signal philosophy. This is to say, signals are processed in the analog domain whereas programmability is achieved by means of

standard digital memories.
This approach highlights the following crucial aspects:
*The comprehensive study and analysis of the main analog fuzzy operators: Fuzzy Membership Functions, T-Norm, T-CoNorm

and Defuzzifier circuits.
*The study and development of mixed-signal Fuzzy Controllers architectures targeting the requirements for different

*The fabrication and test of full-ended demonstrators.
*The partial fabrication and test of a prototype corresponding to a real-time Fuzzy Logic application in the field of Signal

Design of Analog Fuzzy Logic Controllers in CMOS Technologies, the authors emphasize and demonstrate the powerfulness of

Fuzzy Logic for the synthesis of analog non-linear systems in a systematic approach. However, beyond the scope of Fuzzy Logic

applications, the analysis of the circuits presented herein is wide-ranging. These circuits can also be employed in different kinds

of applications in the field of Analog Signal Processing such as Neural Networks, Non-Linear and Linear Adaptive Filtering,

Analog Computation, etc.