Power Generation Handbook : Selection, Applications, Operation, Maintenance, 2002-08
Author: Philip Kiameh | ISBN: 0071396047 | Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional | Number Of Pages: 560 | 5.5 mb | Html

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We’ve all lived through long hot summers with power shortages, brownouts, and blackouts. But at last, all the what-to-do and

how-to-do it information you’ll need to handle a full range of operation and maintenance tasks at your fingertips. Written by a

power industry expert, Power Generation Handbook: Selection, Applications, Operation, Maintenance helps you to gain a

thorough understanding of all components, calculations, and subsystems of the various types of gas turbines.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Review of Thermodynamic Principles
Chapter 2: Steam Power Plants
Chapter 3: Steam Turbines and Auxiliaries
Chapter 4: Turbine Governing Systems
Chapter 5: Steam Chests and Valves
Chapter 6: Turbine Protective Devices
Chapter 7: Turbine Instrumentation
Chapter 8: Lubrication Systems
Chapter 9: Gland Sealing System
Chapter 10: An Overview of Gas Turbines
Chapter 11: Gas Turbine Compressors
Chapter 12: Gas Turbine Combustors
Chapter 13: Axial-Flow Turbines
Chapter 14: Gas Turbine Materials
Chapter 15: Gas Turbine Lubrication and Fuel Systems
Chapter 16: Gas Turbine Bearings and Seals
Chapter 17: Gas Turbine Instrumentation and Control Systems
Chapter 18: Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics
Chapter 19: Gas Turbine Operating and Maintenance Considerations
Chapter 20: Gas Turbine Emission Guidelines and Control Methods
Chapter 21: Combined Cycles
Chapter 22: Selection Considerations of Combined Cycles and Cogeneration Plants
Chapter 23: Applications of Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle Plants
Chapter 24: Cogeneration Application Considerations
Chapter 25: Economic and Technical Considerations for Combined-Cycle Performance -- Enhancement Options
Chapter 26: Fundamentals of Electrical Systems
Chapter 27: Introduction to Machinery Principles
Chapter 28: Transformers
Chapter 29: Transformer Components and Maintenance
Chapter 30: Ac Machine Fundamentals
Chapter 31: Synchronous Generators
Chapter 32: Generator Components, Auxiliaries, and Excitation
Chapter 33: Generator Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance
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