Buhmann/Iserles, «Approximation Theory and Optimization: Tributes to MJD Powell»
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521581907 | 1997-11-28 | djvu | 2,1 Mb | 234 pages


This volume is derived from invited talks given at a meeting celebrating Michael Powell's sixtieth birthday and focuses on

innovative work in optimization and approximation theory. The individual papers, written by leading authorities in their subjects,

are a mix of expository articles and surveys on new work. They have all been reviewed and edited to form a coherent volume

that represents the state of the art in an important discipline within mathematics, with highly relevant applications throughout

science and engineering.

Table of Contents
Submitted Talks
M.J.D. Powell's contributions to numerical mathematics 1
A brief review of M.J.D. Powell's work in univariate and multivariate approximation theory 1
The contributions of Mike Powell to optimization 13
M.J.D. Powell's publications 19
MJDP-BCS industrial liaison: Applications to defence science 31
On the Meir/Sharma/Hall/Meyer analysis of the spline interpolation error 47
Asymptotically optimal approximation and numerical solutions of differential equations 59
On the convergence of derivative-free methods for unconstrained optimization 83
Least squares fitting to univariate data subject to restrictions on the signs of the second differences 109
A framework for interpolation and approximation on Riemannian manifolds 133
Dense factors of sparse matrices 145
Optimization environments and the NEOS Server 167
New versions of qd for products of bidiagonals 183
On adjusting parameters in homotopy methods for linear programming 201