Title: Handbook of Statistics 16: Order Statistics: Theory & Methods (Developments in Food Science)
Author: by N. Balakrishnan (Editor), C. R. Rao (Editor)
ISBN: 0444820914
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing Company
Book Binding: Hardcover
Category: Mathematics
Pages: 750 pages


Summary: Hardbound. Major theoretical advances were made in this area of research, and in the course of these developments

order statistics has also found important applications in many diverse areas. These include life-testing and reliability, robustness

studies, statistical quality control, filtering theory, signal processing, image processing, and radar target detection.
Theoretical researchers working on theoretical and methodological advancements on order statistics and applied statisticians

and engineers developing new and innovative applications of order statistics have been successfully brought together to create

this handbook. For the convenience of readers, the subject matter has been divided into two volumes. This volume focuses on

theory and methods, and volume 17 deals primarily with applications. Each volume has been divided into parts, each part

specializing in one aspect of order statistics. The articles in this volume have been classified into