Computer Arithmetic Algorithms
Publisher:A K Peters Ltd (2001-12-15) | ISBN-10: 1568811608 | PDF | 6.3 Mb | 296 pages

This text explains the fundamental principles of algorithms available for performing arithmetic operations on digital computers.

These include basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in fixed-point and floating-point

number systems as well as more complex operations such as square root extraction and evaluation of exponential, logarithmic,

and trigonometric functions. The algorithms described are independent of the particular technology employed for their


Numerical examples illustrate the working of the algorithms presented and explain the concepts behind the algorithms without

relying on gate diagrams.

This new edition includes sections on floating-point adders, floating-point exceptions, general carry-look-ahead adders, prefix

adders, Ling adders, and fused multiply-add units. New algorithms and implementations have been added to almost all