C#.NET Web Developer’s Guide
Syngress | ISBN: 1928994504 | 817 pages | 5.7 MB | PDF

For many years, C and C++ programmers have been searching for alternative programming languages that offer the same kind

of flexibility and power of C and C++, but without the complexities and steep learning curve required for mastery of the

language.What many programmers desired was a language that would allow applications to be built rapidly, but at the same

time giving them the ability to code at low level.The search has finally ended with Microsoft’s new language—C#, a member of

the .NET Framework.
C# is the revolutionary new language from Microsoft, designed solely to run on the .NET framework. Drawing experiences from

C, C++, and Visual Basic, C# was designed to be a simple and modern object oriented programming language.
But why learn C#? With the integration of C# and the Visual Studio.NET (known as Visual C#), developing Windows and Web

applications has been radically simplified.With full access to the .NET Class Libraries, C# includes built-in support
for developing robust Web services and ASP.NET applications. (It was reportedly said that Visual Studio.NET was built entirely

using C# and that most of the examples in MSDN were coded in C#.That in and of itself is a very good reason to learn C#!)

Besides this, C# enhances the productivity of programmers by eliminating common errors often associated with C and C++.
While many of the earlier C# books have primarily focused on the language syntax, The C# .NET Web Developer’s Guide

illustrates the uses of C# for Web developers looking to harness the new functionality and ease of this powerful programming

language.The best way to learn a new language is by trying out the examples while you are reading this book.Within many

chapters, you will find numerous code examples used in various practical situations; this hands-on, code-intensive approach

allows you to have a deeper understanding of issues involved in C# Web development, and at the same time allows you to cut

and paste portions of applicable code into your current projects, thereby shortening development time.
We are constantly working hard to produce the best technical books needed by professional programmers like you. I sincerely

hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as the authors did writing it!