ASP.NET Web Developer’s Guide
Syngress | ISBN: 1928994512 | 736 pages | 4.2 MB | PDF

Aimed at the working ASP developer who wants to move to Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET Unleashed: Web Developers Guide offers

an excellent example-based programming tutorial. With its strong practical focus, this title offers an excellent choice for learning

ASP.NET quickly.
Most every computer book uses examples illustrating programming concepts, but this text does an exceptional job at efficiently

presenting key examples that will be necessary for anyone moving from ASP to ASP.NET. After a brief tour of the history of ASP

since version 1.0 and a quick overview of the advantages of ASP.NET, the author turns to essential APIs and programming

strategies. Useful material here includes some valuable techniques for working with session and application objects (and new

events available with these classes), plus a nicely comprehensive guide to all the XML configuration settings used in ASP.NET

and what they're good for. A series of chapters on the built-in ASP.NET (and simpler HTML) server controls will give you a

working vocabulary of basic Web programming techniques.
Later chapters explore specific areas of .NET functionality like ADO.NET, XML support (including a solid introduction to the often

bewildering world of XML standards and the classes used to manipulate them in .NET). Coverage of Web services shows off this

brand-new option for creating distributed Web applications.
This volume's final sections present three small, complete applications (for a guest book, shopping cart, and message board).

Besides illustrating essential ASP.NET APIs and techniques introduced earlier on, the sample code can serve as a basis to add

these features to your custom applications.
With such a large number of new ASP.NET APIs to master, this title strikes a great balance between describing essential APIs

and real code that shows them at work. In all, its efficient format makes this title a perfect resource for busy working

developers who want to get up to speed on the new ASP.NET fast.