ADO.NET Cookbook
O'Reilly Media; 1 edition | ISBN: 0596004397 | 605 pages | September 23, 2003 | CHM

Designed in the highly regarded O'Reilly Cookbook format, ADO.NET Cookbook is strikingly different from other books on the

subject. It isn't bogged down with pages of didactic theory. The ADO.NET Cookbook focuses exclusively on providing developers

with easy-to-find coding solutions to real problems. ADO.NET Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of over 150 solutions and

best practices for everyday dilemmas. For each problem addressed in the book, there's a solution--a short, focused piece of

code that programmers can insert directly into their applications. And ADO.NET Cookbook is more than just a handy compilation

of cut-and-paste C# and VB.NET code. ADO.NET Cookbook offers clear explanations of how and why the code works, warns of

potential pitfalls, and directs you to sources of additional information, so you can learn to adapt the problem-solving techniques

to different situations. This is a painless way for developers who prefer to learn by doing to expand their skills and productivity,

while solving the pressing problems they face every day. These time-saving recipes include vital topics like connecting to data,

retrieving and managing data, transforming and analyzing data, modifying data, binding data to .NET user interfaces, optimizing

.NET data access, enumerating and maintaining database objects, and maintaining database integrity. The diverse solutions

presented here will prove invaluable over and over again, for ADO.NET programmers at all levels, from the relatively

inexperienced to the most sophisticated.