Hacker Web Exploitation Uncovered by Marsel Nizamutdinov
Publisher: A-List Publishing; (June 28, 2005) | ISBN-10: 1931769494 | CHM | 0,5 Mb | 991 pages


A description and analysis of the vulnerabilities caused by programming errors in Web applications, this book is written from

both from the attacker's and security specialist's perspective. Covered is detecting, investigating, exploiting, and eliminating

vulnerabilities in Web applications as well as errors such as PHP source code injection, SQL injection, and XSS. The most

common vulnerabilities in PHP and Perl scripts and methods of exploiting these weaknesses are described, information on

writing intersite scripts and secure systems for the hosted sites, creating secure authorization systems, and bypassing

authorization. Uncovered is how attackers can benefit from the hosted target and why an apparently normal-working application

might be vulnerable[/align]