Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Compass: Business Value, Planning, and Enterprise Roadmap (The developerWorks

Series) by Norbert Bieberstein (Author), Sanjay Bose (Author), Marc Fiammante (Author), Keith Jones (Author), Rawn Shah

Publisher: IBM Press (October 25, 2005) | ISBN-10: 0131870025 | CHM | 2,3 Mb | 272 pages


In this book, IBM Enterprise Integration Team experts present a start-to-finish guide to planning, implementing, and managing

Service-Oriented Architecture. Drawing on their extensive experience helping enterprise customers migrate to SOA, the authors

share hard-earned lessons and best practices for architects, project managers, and software development leaders alike.

Well-written and practical, Service-Oriented Architecture Compass offers the perfect blend of principles and "how-to" guidance

for transitioning your infrastructure to SOA. The authors clearly explain what SOA is, the opportunities it offers, and how it

differs from earlier approaches. Using detailed examples from IBM consulting engagements, they show how to deploy SOA

solutions that tightly integrate with your processes and operations, delivering maximum flexibility and value. With detailed

coverage of topics ranging from policy-based management to workflow implementation, no other SOA book offers comparable

value to workingIT professionals.

Coverage includes

SOA from both a business and technical standpoint—and how to make the business case

Planning your SOA project: best practices and pitfalls to avoid

SOA analysis and design for superior flexibility and value

Securing and managing your SOA environment

Using SOA to simplify enterprise application integration

Implementing business processes and workflow in SOA environments

Case studies in SOA deployment

After you've deployed: delivering better collaboration, greater scalability, and more sophisticated applications[/align]