Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion (Leonardo Books) by Oliver Grau (Author)
Publisher: The MIT Press; Revised edition (January 17, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0262072416 | PDF | 21,2 Mb | 360 pages


The computer's ability to immerse a user in virtual image spaces "is not the revolutionary innovation its protagonists are fond of

interpreting it to be," Grau writes. "The idea of virtual reality only appears to be without a history; in fact, it rests firmly on

historical art traditions." Grau (lecturer in art history at Humboldt University in Berlin, associate professor at the Kunstuniversitt

Linz in Austria and leader of the German Science Foundation's project on immersive art) traces the lineage of virtual reality as

far back as the frescoes of a villa in Pompeii. Many illustrations amplify the argument.