[align=center]Windows Vista: The Missing Manual

Windows Vista: The Missing Manual

Windows Vista is Microsoft's most important software release in more than a decade. It offers users an abundance of new and

upgraded features that were more than five years in the making: a gorgeous, glass-like visual overhaul; superior searching and

organization tools; a multimedia and collaboration suite; and above all, a massive, top-to-bottom security-shield overhaul.

There's scarcely a single feature of the older versions of Windows that hasn't been tweaked, overhauled, or replaced entirely.


Thankfully, Windows Vista: The Missing Manual offers coverage of all five versions. Like its predecessors, this book from New

York Times columnist, bestselling author, and Missing Manuals creator David Pogue illuminates its subject with technical insight,

plenty of wit, and hardnosed objectivity for beginners, veteran standalone PC users, and those who know their way around a

network. Readers will learn how to:

+ Navigate Vista's elegant new desktop

+ Locate anything on your hard drive quickly
with the fast, powerful, and fully integrated
search function

+ Use the Media Center to record TV and radio,
present photos, play music, and record any of the
above to DVD

+ Chat, videoconference, and surf the Web with
the vastly improved Internet Explorer 7 tabbed

+ Build a network for file sharing, set up
workgroups, and connect from the road

+ Protect your PC and network with Vista's
beefed up security

+ And much more.

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PAGE : 800

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