iPod+iTunes for Windows and Mac in a Snap (Sams Teach Yourself) by Brian Tiemann
Publisher: Sams (July 8, 2005) | ISBN-10: 0672328119 | CHM | 13 Mb | 352 pages

You're driving to work and your favorite new song comes on the radio. A few hours later, you find yourself humming the tune as

you work on reports. By the end of the day, your coworkers want to muzzle you because now they all also have that song stuck

in their heads. Time for some new music? All you need is an iPod and iPod and iTunes for Windows and Mac In a Snap and

you'll have tons of new songs to hum along with. This book is designed specifically for a busy person like you, who doesn't have

time for long-winded explanations of how and why each piece of the iPod works. Organized into a series of well-organized tasks

that you can easily accomplish, you will quickly learn what you need to do and then be able to do it. iPod and iTunes for

Windows and Mac In a Snap covers all versions of the iPod, including the new shuffle, as well as both the Windows and Mac

versions of iTunes. [/align]