System Performance Tuning, 2nd Edition (O'Reilly System Administration) by Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci, Mike Loukides (Editor)
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 2nd edition (February 2002) | ISBN-10: 059600284X | CHM | 0,8 Mb | 350 pages


System Performance Tuning answers one of the most fundamental questions you can ask about your computer: How can I get it

to do more work without buying more hardware? In the current economic downturn, performance tuning takes on a new

importance. It allows system administrators to make the best use of existing systems and minimize the purchase of new

equipment. Well-tuned systems save money and time that would otherwise be wasted dealing with slowdowns and errors.

Performance tuning always involves compromises; unless system administrators know what the compromises are, they can't

make intelligent decisions. Tuning is an essential skill for system administrators who face the problem of adapting the speed of

a computer system to the speed requirements imposed by the real world. It requires a detailed understanding of the inner

workings of the computer and its architecture. System Performance Tuning covers two distinct areas: performance tuning, or

the art of increasing performance for a specific application, and capacity planning, or deciding what hardware best fulfills a

given role. Underpinning both subjects is the science of computer architecture. This book focuses on the operating system, the

underlying hardware, and their interactions