Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide) by Paul Ekert
Publisher: Peachpit Press (November 29, 2004) | ISBN-10: 0321269160 | CHM | 69,6 Mb | 564 pages


Recipients of nine Emmy Awards for technical innovation, Pinnacle products have long been a favorite among professional

broadcasters. Now, with Liquid Edition shipping on Alienware Systems new line of notebook computers (and capturing the top

engineering award at the National Association of Broadcasters convention), the rest of the world is discovering them, too.
Here to help users get up to speed on it fast is the first guide devoted solely to Pinnacle s advanced editing system. In this book,

former Liquid Edition team member Paul Ekert uses simple step-by-step instructions peppered with loads of tips and visual aids

to show readers how to streamline their workflows and enhance their creativity with Liquid Edition. With sections devoted to

using the timeline, creating special effects, DVD authoring, audio production, titles creation, troubleshooting, and more,

experienced editors can go directly to the areas they need help in, while beginning editors can work their way from cover to

cover to get a thorough grounding in all aspects of the program.