Essential CVS by Jennifer Vesperman
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1st Edition edition (June 2003) | ISBN-10: 0596004591 | CHM | 0,95 Mb | 400 pages



CVS, the Concurrent Versions System, is the popular source-code management tool that frees developers from the chaos that

too often ensues when multiple users work on the same file. An open source technology that is available on most computer

platforms, including Windows® and Mac OS X, CVS is widely used to manage program code, web site content, and to track

changes made to system configuration files. Multiple users can check out files from a directory tree, make changes, and then

commit those changes back into the directory. If two developers modify the same file, CVS enables both sets of changes to be

merged together into one final file. Although CVS is a lifesaver in many development scenarios, it suffers from poor

documentation. But with Essential CVS, developers can have it all: the order that CVS brings and the comprehensive

documentation developers need. Essential CVS is a complete and easy-to-follow reference that helps programmers and system

administrators apply order to the task of managing large quantities of documents. The book covers basic concepts and usage of

CVS, and features a comprehensive reference for CVS commands--including a handy Command Reference Card for quick, on-

the-job checks. The book also includes advanced information on all aspects of CVS that involve automation, logging, branching

and merging, and "watches." Readers will find in-depth coverage of the following:
— Installing CVS and building your first repository — Basic use of CVS, including importing projects, checking out projects,

committing changes, and updating projects — Tagging, branching and merging — Working with multiple users — Clients,

operating systems, and IDEs — Repository management and managing remote repositories — Project administration, including

bug tracking systems, enforcing log messages, history and annotation, and more. — Troubleshooting Version control is essential

to maintaining order in any project, large or small. Any CVS user, from beginners to team leaders and system administrators,

will find this practical guide to CVS indispensable in getting the most from this valuable tool.[/align]