Managing Business with SAP: : Planning Implementation and Evaluation by Linda Lau (Editor)
Publisher: Idea Group Publishing (March 22, 2005) | ISBN-10: 1591403782 | CHM | 3,6 Mb | 300 pages


At a time when many companies, particularly in the technological field, are continuously laying off workers, SAP, Inc. and

organizations using the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SAP concepts and software packages, on the other hand, are in

need of more IT professionals familiar with their software applications. Although the popularity of ERP/SAP has reached an all

time high, there are not many studies available in this field. This book provides both practitioners and academicians with a

comprehensive review and an in-depth understanding of this interesting area, and at the same time, addresses important issues

relating to the successful implementation of ERP/SAP systems. The scope expands from the history of SAP to the availability of a

strategic implementation plan to ensure the successful and effective deploration of the implementation approach[/align]