Windows Vista in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference | Preston Gralla | 0596527071 | O'Reilly Media (December 1, 2006) |

750 pages | 12.3 Mb


This unique reference thoroughly documents every important setting and feature in Microsoft's new operating system, with

alphabetical listings for hundreds of commands, windows, menus, listboxes, buttons, scrollbars and other elements of Windows

Vista. With this book's simple organization, you'll easily find any setting, tool, or feature for the task you want to accomplish.

Along with a system overview that highlights major changes, and a tour of the basics such as manipulating files and getting

around the interface, Windows Vista in a Nutshell offers alphabetized references for these topics:

* The User Interface: Covers the Sidebar, Aero Glass, the new Control Panel layout, and applets, as well as how to customize

animated windows, the desktop, Start menu, pop-up windows on the Taskbar, and more.
* The File System, Drives, Data, and Search: Discusses working with the new Windows Explorer, Virtual Folders, searches,

indexing, saved searches, metadata, and sharing.
* The Internet and Networking: Examines TCP/IP, RSS, tabbed browsing, and anti-phishing features of Internet Explorer, plus

cookie handling, parental control features, and more.
* Networking and Wireless: Offers an illustrated, step-by-step guide to setting up a home network; covers the Network Center,

Sync Center, Hot Spot access, wireless management, collaboration, and sharing.
* Working with Hardware: Describes how to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot hardware--including keyboards, mice, monitors,

USB devices, scanners, cameras, and sound devices--and how to add, install, and troubleshoot drivers.
* Security: Includes the Security Center, Windows Defender, User Account Protection, System Protection, Network Access

Protection, WiFi encryption, Windows Firewall, file encryption, and more.
* Mobility: Explains Mobility Center settings, plugging a secondary monitor into your computer, and the new "network

projection" feature for making presentations.
* Multimedia: Covers Windows Photo Gallery, Media Player, Media Center, podcasting features, connecting to and synching with

MP3 players, recording TV and videos, making videos with Windows Movie Maker, and burning CDs and DVDs.[/align]