Learn Windows XP In Pictures :: Judy Blair (2006)
English | PDF Book | 238 pages | RAR 6,8 Mb | ISBN: 1597061115 | Publisher: Visibooks, LLC.

Learn with pictures, not words. Most computer books contain over
50,000 words. In Pictures books contain one-tenth as many.


Table of Contents

Getting Started
Start programs. Close programs. Use Desktop icons. Turn off the computer.

Manipulating Windows
Move windows. Minimize windows. Restore windows. Resize windows. Scroll in windows. Maximize windows. Switch between


Working With Documents
Create documents. Save documents. Open documents. Copy. Paste. Cut. Delete. Print.

Managing Files
Select a file. Copy a file. Select multiple files. Create a folder. Move files. Rename a file. Delete files and folders. Restore,

items. Find files and folders. Empty the Recycle Bin.

Using Windows Utilities
Defragment the hard drive. Use the Help and Support Center. Use program help.

Customizing Your System
Change the Desktop. Change the screensaver. Change font size. Change Taskbar settings. Add and delete users.

Using the Web
View a Web site. Search the Web. Save a favorite Web page. Set your own home page. View a favorite Web page. Change

browser text size.

Using E-mail
Configure an e-mail account. Send an e-mail message. Check for new mail. Reply to a message. Send an attachment. Delete