ISBN: 1587200589
Title: Cisco DQOS Exam Certification Guide
(IP Telephony Self-Study)
Author: Wendell Odom Michael Cavanaugh
Publisher: Cisco Press
Publication Date: 2003-08-13
Number Of Pages: 936
Average Amazon Rating: 5.0
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The official self-study test preparation guide for the Cisco DQOS 9E0-601 and QOS 642-641 examsThis official study guide helps

you master all the topics on the DQOS exam, including:QoS concepts, tools, and architecturesClassification and marking

concepts and toolsQueuing in Cisco routers and configuration of queuing toolsTraffic policing and shaping in Cisco

routersConfiguration of congestion avoidance toolsConfiguration of link-efficiency tools Call admission control (CAC) tools for

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