This DVD released for your all requirement. Don't need to download one by one Version
Just download this one and burn to DVD. With Technician, IT this Disk can not be less for your Job.
All version included in 1 DVD + Activator tool
After read your PC configure its lets you chose which Version to be install as you want.

* Windows 7 Stater x86
* Windows 7 Home Basic x86
* Windows 7 Home Premiumx86
* Windows 7 Professional x86
* Windows 7 Enterprisex86
* Windows 7 Ultimate x86
* Windows 7 Home Basic x64
* Windows 7 Home Premium x64
* Windows 7 Professional x64
* Windows 7 Enterprise x64
* Windows 7 Ultimate x64


MD5: fc4a1748c9a1845a4ab2d6428d9a1097
SHA1: f597c2b3b9ae3e19217bbcff3ef681752d5c050a
CRC32: e7f15098
Download Window 7 All Version 22/10 in 1 DVD (32bit) and 64bit
[برای مشاهده لینک ها شما باید عضو سایت باشید برای عضویت در سایت بر روی اینجا کلیک بکنید]