Info: RapidBIT is an all-in-one suite that helps you find,download, organize and run any files. Now you can simplify downloadingfiles from One-Click-Hosters like or -not only users with a premium account but also users with freeaccounts. Download in multiple parallel streams with captcharecognition, automatical file extraction and much more. Organizes yourfiles into folders, save information for these files like password andimages! With RapidBITs Library Explorer manage these files easilywithout using Windows file explorer. RapidBIT is not only a downloader.It helps organizing your movies, music, TV shows, applications andothers easy and fast. RAPIDBIT FEATURES RapidBIT is not a simpledownloader. It is a complete suite for searching, downloading andorganizing your files. * Working 100 % with premium and free accounts *Downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like *Simultaneous download up to 100 files * Input a whole list of links atonce * Categories Folder Manager * Search warez rapid links for Movies,Music, Games, Applications, Erotica, TV Shows, E-books and others *Media Organizer * Media Explorer that searches also in allsubdirectories (for media files like mp3, avi etc) * Working withcomplete database system * Automatic extractor (RAR files) * MediaPlayer and Media Preview is embedded for easy and fast organization ofyour files * Includes Anonymous Internet Explorer * Download Historyreports * User Roles & User Login * Database system is also workingin network * Automatic update checks * Skin chooser and gallery In thenext updates advanced features like below are coming soon: * AutoDJplaying automatic music * Cinema player to watch your downloaded movieseasily * Stream Radio Catalogue and Player for all types of music *Stream TV Catalogue and Player Size: 10.8 MB Download:

[برای مشاهده لینک ها شما باید عضو سایت باشید برای عضویت در سایت بر روی اینجا کلیک بکنید]