Info: Speaking Clock Deluxe is one of internet's most popular talking clock utilities and it has been download in several hundred of thousands copies! Not only will it turn your computer into a speaking clock with over 30 languages - it can also keep track of up to 50 alarms that can be set to a time and a date, and be repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The interface is all-graphical with a screen resembling an LCD (including a dot matrix section), which shows time, date, another time zone or random quotes. It also features a speaking calculator, a versatile timer function that works like a stopwatch or a countdown timer. And last, but not least, it supports text-to-speech and MS agents, to give you animated time announcements and reminders. Many different languages Using "natural speech", Speaking Clock can tell you the time in over 30 different languages. English, French, German, Spanish and Russian is included by default. If you want more languages, just download the language of your choice and install it. The term "natural speech" refers to real recordings of each language - words and numbers are combined by the clock to give you the time in a natural sounding way. More versatile than ever! The latest version of the clock also supports MS Agents and text-to-speech, which brings a whole new dimension of possibilities to the clock. You can have agents telling you the time or notify you of alarm events, or use the text-to-speech feature to read the contents of the clipboard or the alert message of your alarms. It also supports text-to-speech engines in different languages and will tell you the time in English, German, French, Spanish or Russian, if you have speech engines for those languages. Agents and speech support is included in Windows 2000, XP and Vista. If you use Windows 95 or 98, you need to download and install this support, please see the support pages for more info. Note! The clock will work fine without this support, but the agent and speech synthesis functions will be disabled. Speaking Clock Deluxe works with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and of course Vista. Size: 3.5 MB Download:

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