Einstein robot learns to smile, teaches us how to feel

رباتي كه احساسات رو در چهره خودش نشون ميده

Bynow, you're no doubt well acquainted with the Albert Hubo Einsteinrobot developed by the mad scientists at KAIST, but some researchers atthe University of California, San Diego has also been working on theirown Einstein bot for the past little while, and they've now managed toteach it some new tricks. While the bot has previously been able todisplay a full range of expressions through some pre-programmed facialmovements, it's now able to teach itself how to smile or display otheremotions thanks to a new trial-and-error technique dubbed "bodybabble." That apparently works by comparing Einstein's attempts at anexpression with some facial recognition software, which provides Alwith some positive feedback each time he manages an actual expression.Did we mention there's a video? Check it out after the break.