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An Office suite for everyone...

Every computer user needs an office suite to write and edit texts and perform calculations. A good office suite is easy to use and delivers good results quickly. With Ashampoo Office 2006 you can get your work done faster, with higher quality and for a fraction of the cost of some other office suites.

You can also easily exchange documents in Word and Excel formats with other users. You don’t need the expensive Microsoft® Office package just to be compatible, because Ashampoo Office 2006 seamlessly reads and writes Word and Excel files. Choosing Ashampoo Office 2006 simply makes sense.

Powerful – the choice of professionals.
Ashampoo Office 2006 has two main components:
TextMaker 2006 is a reliable and user-friendly word processor that seamlessly reads all Microsoft® Word files, and writes them too.

PlanMaker 2006 is a modern spreadsheet program featuring maximum Excel compatibility (see test), with which you can create and edit complex worksheets with ease.

TextMaker and PlanMaker are perfectly matched and integrated. In addition to having identical controls and menus they can also exchange data with each other without any trouble. For example, the database functions of TextMaker and PlanMaker both use the standard dBASE format and both programs can thus access the same databases. PlanMaker worksheets can be inserted in TextMaker and TextMaker can print labels and lists from dBASE files.

Fast – now nobody needs to wait around for their office software.
Nobody likes waiting around, so you shouldn’t put up with slow office software. Ashampoo Office 2006 starts fast, works fast and calculates fast – very fast. Your documents will be ready while the competition are still trying to calculate their results. But Ashampoo Office 2006 isn’t just lightning fast, its system requirements are also amazingly modest. TextMaker and PlanMaker run fine on older and slower computers and past Windows® versions – all the way back to Windows® 95!

Compatible – with Microsoft® Office, OpenDocument and many others.
When somebody sends you a document you naturally want to be able to edit it with your office suite. That’s why we’ve made sure that TextMaker and PlanMaker can read and write Word and Excel files, with all the formatting the way it should be. You can even use the Word and Excel formats as your standard formats for saving your documents.

TextMaker and PlanMaker also have a whole series of other powerful import and export filters. For example, TextMaker can read OpenDocument and OpenOffice.org files, and Ashampoo Office also supports many other formats.

If you also use Ashampoo Office 2006 on other operating systems – like Linux, FreeBSD, Windows CD or a Pocket PC – you will appreciate the fact that all the versions of Ashampoo Office 2006 can share documents without any conversion. When everything is made so easy, using office software can really be fun!

Stable and reliable – no unpleasant surprises.
Nothing is more annoying than an office suite that doesn’t behave as you expect it to. Ashampoo Office is renowned for its stability and reliability. It also takes really long documents and complex worksheets in its stride. So that you can relax and get on with your work. [/align]