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Intuit TurboTax Business 2006 | 1CD | 145MB


If your business is a corporation or partnership/LLC, and earns up to $250,000 a year, TurboTax Business is ideal for preparing and filing your business income taxes. Prepares Form 1120S (S Corporation), Form 1065 (Partnership/LLC) and Form 1120 (C Corporation). Also works for estates and trusts.

Key Advantages
- New! Business Profiler allows TurboTax Business to develop a profile of your business and customize your step-by-step interview. This means you won't have to spend time answering questions that don't apply to your business.
- NEW! Getting Organized section gives you a customized list of the documents you'll likely need to complete your return. No more stop-and-go while you find what you need.
- QuickBooks import that lets you import your QuickBooks data directly into TurboTax. (QuickBooks 2005 or higher)
- NEW! More detailed income and expense categories — including custom-tailored categories for industries like service businesses or real estate rentals. This is just one more way you can be sure TurboTax is helping you get ALL the deductions your business is entitled to.

Choose TurboTax Business if:
- You file separate tax returns for your business and personal income taxes.
- Your business is incorporated or a partnership/LLC.
- Your business is an S corporation (Form 1120S).
- Your business is a partnership or limited liability company (LLC) for tax purposes (Form 1065).
- Your business is a C corporation (Form 1120).
- You are preparing a return for an estate or trust (Form 1041).

You cannot use TurboTax Business to prepare corporate income tax returns for consolidated entities, such as corporations that own subsidiary companies.
TurboTax Business is designed only for business returns. You'll need to use a separate TurboTax product to prepare your personal return.
TurboTax Business is only available for the Windows platform.[/align]