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imeWire Pro ver. 4.12.10 AIO All OS | 28 MB

LimeWire Pro v.4.12.10 Windows
LimeWire Pro v.4.12.10 Linux
LimeWire Pro v.4.12.10 UniX
LimeWire Pro v.4.12.10 Mac OS X

http://www.ftp2share.com/file/34097/LimeWire Pro v4.12.10 AIO All OS.html

Java programming language, LimeWire runs on any computer with a Java Virtual Machine installed. To facilitate installation for casual users, installation packages are available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and in the RPM format for Linux. Support for Mac OS 9 and other previous versions was dropped with the release of LimeWire 4.0.10. The Windows version of the LimeWire installer includes a version of Sun Microsystems' Java installer which will download and install version 1.5 of the Java Runtime Environment if it detects the machine does not have a recent version of Java installed.

LimeWire uses the SHA-1 and tiger tree hash cryptographic hash functions to ensure that downloaded data is uncompromised. Although researchers have identified possible vulnerabilities in the SHA-1 algorithm, because LimeWire does not rely on SHA-1 alone, these vulnerabilities do not have many adverse implications for LimeWire's verification of downloaded files.

If a user has iTunes on their computer, LimeWire can use iTunes to play downloaded music instead of LimeWire's built-in music player.

Limewire offers the sharing of its library through Digital Audio Access Protocol. As such, when LimeWire is running, any files shared will be detectable on the local network by DAAP-enabled devices (eg. iTunes).[/align]